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This website uses cookie. This is a small piece of data sent by the web server and stored on the user’s computer. A web client (usually a web browser) always sends this piece of data to the web server as part of HTTP request whenever it tries to open the corresponding site page.

By using our website, you consent to the use of cookie and consent to this policy.

Application of these files allows us to make visiting our site as convenient as possible for you.

We guarantee our compliance with all necessary technical and legal aspects to protect your personal data. When being operated, the data are not personalized and remain anonymous.

When visiting our site, your Internet browser will transmit the following data (date, time, browser type, language, operating system version, user session ID number, IP).

We use IP anonymization function (with the consent of the cookie/privacy policy, we will store the IP address).

In case you do not agree to our using any type of cookie files, you can set up your browser accordingly, or you can refuse to use our site.

For any questions regarding this policy or the use of cookie (including revoking of your consent to use cookie and this policy), contact us writing to

We use the following cookie:

  1. Preferences
    These cookie allow the website to store information that affects its configuration and available functions, such as interface language or region selected by the user. (Loss of information stored in the preferences cookie can make the site less convenient, but should not interfere with its operation.)
  2. Security
    Security cookie are used to authorize users, prevent fraudulent use of credentials and protect user information from unauthorized access. (Such cookie will be used at the blog pages of OctavoSoft website)
  3. Session state
    Websites often collect information about the way the visitors interact with them. This may include information about frequently visited pages and whether users have seen any error messages. Session state cookie help us to improve our products and make your work in the Internet more convenient. (Blocking or deleting these cookie will not interfere with the website operation.)

Cookie of external websites

  1. Google Analytics
    Google Analytics will allow us to collect and analyze information about the way the users interact with our website or application. It is not identifying. When receiving it, cookie are also used. In Google Analytics, this is primarily __ga file. (Along with the above mentioned files, Google Analytics can use Google Analytics cookie to select relevant ads in Google services and other sites on the Internet, and to collect information about interactions with ads. Learn more about Google Analytics cookie and privacy protection)

Cookie of social networks

OctavoSoft has the following platforms in social networks available at our site:

When using these platforms (website pages), the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy of the following websites are applied (these links may be updated):

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